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About Kayla

Female Therapist in contemplation
female therapist in person and virtual

Because of my upbeat personality and optimistic outlook on life, it tends to be difficult for people to believe that I am no stranger to a life of struggle. I was born in Kentucky to two teenage parents and was brought up in a home that was greatly impacted by intergenerational trauma, alcohol & drug abuse, and severe enmeshed family dynamics. Entering adulthood, I found myself in a slump where I realized that my whole life, I had been coping with situations that left me sacrificing my own happiness to tend to others, to keep the peace, stay small and avoid confrontation. I wanted to and knew that I needed to take hold of the way my bloodline would eventually be remembered so with the power of choice and change left up to me, I laced up and took off. 


New Year’s Eve of 2013 I made a resolution to myself for the long haul; one I could work on forever; “start doing whatever I have to do to make myself truly happy”. That was the only New Year’s resolution I have ever stuck with and man oh man was it easier said than done. Living by that motto re-routed my life completely and not in the way I had expected, but was ultimately for the better. My journey helped me recognize that even though change is extremely difficult, it was simply part of the process, my process. Everyone’s journey is its own and has its own timing. In my case, I faced a reality that I had to let some relationships go if it meant finding happiness for myself. Staying true to my resolution meant I had to experience those rejections in order to go the route that was truly meant for me. It required me to learn to set boundaries in unhealthy relationships, whether friends or family. It asked me to move away from home, and then move again, to gain new experiences and to be able to see life differently. Change is hard but it’s also the most rewarding thing. So here I am: still showing up and still showing out on the daily; for myself, for my family, for my friends and for my clients. All because of my courage to take ownership of my life and that one New Years Eve resolution that I still do my darndest to uphold. 

My training            

I received my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY. After several years of full-time work, supervision and continuing education, I finally obtained my full counseling credentials as a Licensed Professional Counselor. While at WKU, I began developing my skillset in working with trauma as I dove into the world of Play Therapy where I became certified in Trauma Based Art and Play Therapy for Children and Adolescents. My early years were for experimentation so I also tried my hand at couples counseling and became certified as a Level 1 and Level 2 trained John Gottman couples’ counselor. Although I am not a couples or child therapist, I now use those certifications as deep understanding of one's role in their relationship with self and interpersonal relationships. For three years I also attended a weekly meditation group that healed me in a way I didn’t know I needed. Learning about the mind, body, & spirit connection brought me so much self love and understanding and gave me a passion for helping others feel that way I felt in those sessions. This led me to gain my certification in Mindfulness and Meditation with the hopes of helping people witness themselves and their inner world in an entirely new, loving, present way. After working with folx who have experienced all different kinds of trauma's, some in adulthood, some from childhood, I noticed that traditional talk therapy can sometimes be painful and take a long time to work through. In an effort to help people overcome those experiences in more of a biological and scientific way, I sought out my EMDR training. I’ve worked within various settings from some of the most challenging life experiences in a Foster Care agency, to work within community mental health which allowed for more variety in my clients. I have enjoyed working with all age groups and genders and have deep gratitude for all of my experiences. More recently, I was honored to work at a premier private practice in Houston, Texas; Modern Therapy. It was there I found my niche clientele. Your everyday functioning adult professional that's figuring out life. Maybe that's moving through anxiety, depression, difficulties stemming from childhood, self-esteem, self-exploration, people pleasing, boundary setting, life transitions or all the big questions of self-discovery and the human existence. If this sounds like you or if these are things you are trying to better understand, I've got you, I've got the experience! Let's connect!


My commitment            

My commitment to my clients is simple: I am 100% there for you. I will be there to listen to you without a sliver of judgment. I will help guide you to love yourself and learn how to listen to your inner world with maybe some curse words and some dark humor sprinkled throughout. With me, you will learn how to tend to yourself carefully and realign your thoughts and self talk in a way that benefits you first and foremost; in a centered-in-self kind of way. It really is amazing to see how our outer world shifts when our inner world is aligned. I will help you understand that in most circumstances, you have a choice and more control than you imagine or what your feelings tell you. I will help you through the process of understanding the deeper rooted issues, that may have evolved from childhood, that are driving your everyday behaviors and feelings, sometimes subconsciously. All the questions you may have about yourself like, “Why do I do this?” or “How can I change this behavior?” or “What could I do differently?” or “Why does this keep happening to me?” I am here to help you answer those questions, and surprise, you do have the answers. I will work whole heartedly to serve you in the most sincere way that I can. This often looks like love and care with a direct approach. I am not in the business of falsely gassing up my clients. I like to keep it real, but with tact and care for you and your experiences. I will chase you and challenge you to do the work that you've signed up for. I will hold you accountable gently and remind you of how truly great you can be. Look, it's simple, counseling is my life calling. I get the most fulfillment when I am sitting and exploring my clients world with them as the narrator. That includes clients in any stage, whether it be the beginning of understanding the issues, the shifting of thoughts and behaviors, or making it to the other side of the coin where we are celebrating your hard work and progress. Trust me, trust the process. Let's build a relationship where you can practice the hard things and feel better prepared for real life moments to come.

I've got you; you matter. -

Kayla M. Clark

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