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Welcome, you made it!

Be Well Counseling

You've found Colorado's leading virtual psychotherapy practice for motivated adults who want to live better.

For people who are tired of settling in life, a guinea pig place to get comfortable being uncomfortable in the name of peace and the desire for more.

For overachieving people-pleasers who find it impossible to say no, a safe place to truly unlearn tired, old tethered ways of being and operating in the name of loyalty to yourself and hope for your future.

And for the "why does this keep happening to me" folx, space to practice learning healthier and more authentic ways to think, feel and exist.

Because this is our only life, and you owe it to yourself to make the most of it, right?

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Therapy Sessions


Individual Therapy

One-on-One, 50 or 80 minute therapy sessions


Individual Meditation

One-on-One, 50 minute guided meditation sessions


Guided Group Meditation

Free! Every Wednesday 5:00-5:30pm (MDT)

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Supervision for Colorado LPCC's

 Review my supervision agreement here.

Phone Consultation

If you aren't sure what you need at this time or want to chat to assess best fit, schedule a free, 15 minute phone consultation by filling out your information below or clicking the Client Portal button to see current availability. This call allows me to hear you out and together decide what might be the best route for you based on your presenting issue.

Preferred day/time to schedule call:
Are you an LPCC seeking Supervision?

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Kayla Clark

  • LPC
  • Supervisor
  • EMDR Trained
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Certified
My Approach

Listen folks, in this life we HAVE to be curious. The true way to understand ourselves, our relationships, where we've been and where we are going, is to be curious. To ask ourselves things like, "why?" over and over. To ponder situations like, "hmm, I wonder..". This natural approach I have on life is why I operate mostly from a Humanistic and Existential lens. Combined with techniques from Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Gottman's Couples Therapy and Person Centered Therapy. These counseling approaches allow me the flexibility to see humans as humans; surviving, messy, complicated and complex. Not just simple a set of symptoms.

The unforgiving world we live is real quick to use labels like, depressed, anxious, moody, crazy, & ego driven, among others. I hear hurt, lonely, unseen, unsure, emotional, vulnerable, dedicated, and desperate for change. I get so stoked knowing that people are able to follow the courage to seek a therapist and actually let me be a part in their life story, specifically the chapter in which they begin to understand themselves in new ways and heal things they didn’t even know needed healing. It is of the highest honor to go with people into their inner worlds and sometimes that being places they didn’t know existed or places they’ve never allowed anyone else to go. Getting to be a part of that journey with other humans is so sacred to me and something I truly cherish. Most of my counseling experience has been centered around helping people with difficult childhood experiences (that can impact self esteem and relationship styles), life transitions, anxiety, depression, existential crises, and grief to name a few of the things that affect people from being able to function at their full potential. For more information on me, my training and my commitment to you, click here. If you're ready to get started, let's go!

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What's our deal?

At Be Well, I specialize in helping high functioning and high pressured professionals through a variety of different issues:

Life transitions & adjustments

Self Esteem


Depressed Mood

Boundary Setting


Communication Issues

Healthier Parenting

"Empathy is the most powerful tool we have in our efforts to connect with people. It is the glue of human connectedness and permits us to feel, at a deep level, what someone else is feeling."

Irvin Yalom

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