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Welcome to a specialized virtual therapy practice designed for individuals who want to heal their unhealthy relationship patterns and live better.

A home for the high-achieving professionals, and over-achieving people-pleasers who are looking to find lasting change in their relationships and a healthier, more authentic way to think, feel and exist.


Is this you? You're in the right place.

You owe it to yourself to make the most of your life.

 I am experienced in helping high-achieving professionals create a balanced life and navigate through struggles like:

Life transitions & adjustments

Self Esteem


Depressed Mood

Boundary Setting


Communication Issues

Healthier Parenting

Schedule a FREE, 15-minute consultation.

Not sure where to start? Schedule a FREE, 15-minute phone consultation by filling out the form below. After this consultation, together we will decide what is the best route for you based on your present concerns.

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Virtual therapy in Colorado and Texas

Therapy Sessions

Individual Therapy

This is a time and space for you to talk, reflect and take steps toward creating a healthier life. These are one-on-one therapy sessions with a choice of 50 or 80 minutes in length. Sessions start at $200/session.

*See current availability HERE

Supervision for Colorado LPCC's

 I provide an interactive and rewarding supervision experience that will nurture both professional growth and client care.

I offer a supportive environment for learning and exploration.

Review my supervision agreement here.

Clinical Consultation

Getting consultation is one way therapists' continue to grow in our own skill set and enhance our capability to show up for our clients doing the damn good work. I welcome one time or reoccurring consultation. Interested?

Get in touch here.


About Me

Modern, Relationship-Centered Therapy

In the high-demanding professional world, individuals are quickly labeled with terms like "depressed," "anxious," "moody," "crazy," and "ego-driven." However, I instead perceive individuals as "hurt," "lonely," "unseen," "unsure," "vulnerable," "dedicated," and "eager for change." Witnessing the bravery of those who courageously seek therapy to navigate their internal struggles and initiate healing processes for unaddressed wounds is an unforgettable experience. Diving into the depths of one's inner self, whether to unlock long-sealed doors or discover uncharted paths, is a sacred journey that I deeply value. My counseling expertise predominantly revolves around assisting individuals in coping with challenging childhood experiences that can influence self-esteem and relationship dynamics, navigating life transitions, managing anxiety, depression, grappling with existential dilemmas, and processing grief. These varied struggles manifest uniquely in each individual and can impede us from operating at our full potential. To learn more about my background, training, and commitment to supporting you, please click here.

Female therapist
female counselor in person and virtual

In our journey through life, fostering curiosity is a necessity. Understanding ourselves, our connections, our past, and our trajectories begins with nurturing a profound sense of inquisitiveness. Embracing the practice of questioning the "why" behind our actions and contemplating scenarios with a curious mindset are pivotal. This innate perspective on life shapes my own Humanistic and Existential framework, as well as it is complemented by methodologies I've learned from Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Gottman's Couples Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy. These therapeutic approaches afford me the versatility to perceive individuals as nuanced beings—enduring, intricate, and multifaceted. You are not simply a collection of symptoms.

Ready to get started?

"Kayla is an incredibly warm, talented and knowledgeable therapist! I would not hesitate to recommend working with her! She wholeheartedly supports her clients in their work and consistently leans in to supportively challenge her clients in a seamless way. I have known and worked with Kayla for several years and have seen first hand her skill at working with clients particularly around relationship dynamics and life transitions. She is the embodiment of advocacy, knowledge and support as a therapist!"

- Madeline H.

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